The global movement


The global movement relay of former Lycée Guebre-Mariam students provided one month worth food supply, mask, sanitizers and sanitary items for 100 families who live around the school and who are vulnerable to food security in collaboration with Mary Joy Center.
Also the association is planning to give another batch of donation for additional 100 families who are living around Alliance Ethio Francaise to alleviate the food security of the vulnerable people and also provide assistances to health care products to visually impaired and the disabled.
During the handing out ceremony Amakeletch Teferi said “the spread of COVID-19 pandemic in Ethiopia, beyond its impact on health, has a huge implication and effect on the livelihoods of the most destitute and most vulnerable segments of the urban society. It is the awareness of this fact that pushed Alumni of the Lycée Guebre-Mariam to create a relief committee “I Care Ye Lycée Lij”, and undertake the launching of a fund-raising campaign both locally and globally in order to help the most vulnerable citizens elevate the challenges they are facing.”