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First session of Capital’s webinar on COVID-19 conducted

Second session live on Tuesday

Participants who attended the live coaching conducted by Capital Newspaper on June 23, as part of its webinar series, with the first session on the theme “Building Resilience and Finding Serenity through COVID-19,” said that the session was helpful in terms of understanding and handling stress in this difficult time.
The training conducted by Transformative Leadership Coach and Trainer Yene H. K. Assegid, highlighted that the worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a source of unexpected stress and adversity for many people.
“Resilience can help us get through and overcome hardship. But resilience is not something we are born with-it’s built over time as the experiences we have interact with our unique, individual genetic makeup. That’s why we all respond to stress and adversity-like that from the COVID-19 pandemic-differently,” Yene said.
During the webinar Yene also responded to questions from participants that gathered from different parts of the world. “What can we do to build up and strengthen resilience right now during the COVID-19 outbreak? How can we build resilience to plan ahead for future times of crisis?” and other questions were addressed by the Transformative Leadership Coach and Trainer.
“The main point is to try to stay positive. Unload the negative side,” she stressed to the participants of the first three sessions of the webinar.
The second session will be held on June 30 under the theme ‘Emotional Intelligence & Teams’ and the third and last session will be held on July 7, under the theme ‘Dynamics of High Performance Teams.’
All sessions are presented in the context of the current situation of COVID-19 and are brought to the community at large, compliments of Capital Newspaper.
“The sessions are organized with our readers at heart, whom we value very much,” said Teguest Yilma Managing Director of Capital Newspaper. “Capital’s journalistic mission and vision is always disseminating valuable information but also enriching society with the exchange of ideas. COVID-19 has dealt us with an unprecedented situation where we are all obliged to step up our capacity to cope. We will get through this together,” she added.
Dr. Yene Assegid has been designing and delivering Leadership Programs world-wide for over 25 years. She is accredited by the International Coaching Federation, ICF, as the highest possible level of Master Certified Coach (MCC) which puts her in the top 4% of professional coaches world-wide.


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