1:10 birr per piece

Photo: Anteneh Aklilu

Sheger Bakery announced that it will start supplying bread as of today Sunday July 5, with a price of 1.10 birr per bread to the public.
Abinet Gebremeskel, CEO of the project management office and general manager of MIDROC Construction Ethiopia, Jemal Ahmed MIDROC Investment Group CEO, and Head of Addis Ababa Trade and Industry Bureau announced the scheme in a press conference held at the Sheraton Addis on Saturday, July 3.
They stated that the bakery will provide bread to all the ten sub-cities and to cities surrounding Addis Ababa.
The Sheger bakery is built by MIDROC Ethiopia, which is owned by the Ethio Saudi billionaire Sheikh Mohammed Hussien Al Amoudi. Built with almost one billion birr, the state-of-the-art bakery has a capacity to make 1.6 million loaves of bread a day and 80,000 an hour.
The bakery, which uses automated machinery, will source flour from a plant that was built next to the bakery. Resting on 4.1 hectares, the bakery, and the flour processing plant is located in Akaki Quality Sub City. MIDROC imported the machinery for the bread and flour from Italy, while the transformers were shipped in from China.
The bakery has four silos each with a storage capacity of 30,000 quintals of wheat, 12 ovens, 13 mixers, and two cooling towers capable of cooling 140,000 loaves of bread a minute. It has 357 permanent employees and 23 food vans each capable of carrying 24,000 loaves of bread at once.