Rift Valley wines awarded at the 2020 Monde Selection International Wine Contest


The Monde Selection International Wine Contest that took place on July 2 and 3 at the Hotel Manos Premier in Brussels awarded Castel Winery Plc for its Rift Valley Cuvee Prestige- Chardonnay 2018, Rift Valley – Chardonnay 2018, and Cuvee Prestige- Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot 2015, a prestigious Gold medal which serves as a seal of approval in the European wine industry.
According to a statement Castel sent to Capital the international jury was thrilled with the quality of the wines submitted for this edition of the contest. “The medalwinning bottles came from 20 different countries and included 56% red wines, 22% white wines, and 22% liqueurs, sweet wines, and rosé. Some countries really stood out during the competition, as was the case with Portugal, winner of 19% of the medals, closely followed by France and Hungary sweeping 18% and 15% of the medals respectively,” reads the statement.
Monde Selection Wines appointed an international Jury of wine professionals, all prominent experts coming from across Europe. They were selected for their acknowledged proficiency and technical competence in evaluating the quality of wine.
This year’s jury was comprised of oenologists, sommeliers, professors and lecturers as well as wine journalists. The contest is recognised for its professionalism, its precision and the technical approach of its assessments. Each wine is subject to blind tasting in conformity with quality evaluation, calculation, and medal ranking methods officially approved by the most important wine organisations (OIV-UIOE). The awards are granted in compliance with the OIV standard that sets out a 30% award limit for international wine competitions.