African authorities deploy KC Wearable Smart Helmet to combat spread of COVID-19


With over 720,000 confirmed cases across Africa, COVID-19 has already claimed almost 16,000 lives. In their efforts to reduce the devastating impact of the disease, several national authorities have partnered with leading technology and innovation company KC Wearable to use company’s KC N901 Smart Helmet.
The helmet can detect fevers, the most prevalent COVID-19 symptom, with 96% accuracy. South Africa was the first African country to use the helmet following a surge in cases last month and it is already being used in airports and logistics hubs across Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg. Authorities in Algeria, Egypt and Gabon are now also using the smart helmet, as they look to better protect their populations and avoid further escalation of the pandemic.
Beyond Africa, the helmet is already being used in over 35 countries, including Indonesia, the UAE, Italy, Netherlands, Kuwait, Chile, and Turkey. KC Wearable has partnered with national authorities and major transport hubs such as airports, as well as schools and hospitals, to detect COVID-19 symptoms in a range of settings.
With the ability to screen the temperatures of up to 200 people a minute, the helmet offers a quick and accurate alternative to traditional thermal cameras. The wearable headset improves the efficiency and flexibility of COVID-19 screening.