Mamil Masresha


Name: Mamil Masresha

Education: BA in Accounting

Company name: Sira App

Title: Co-founder and CEO

Founded in: 2018


What it does: Opportunity Matching

HQ: Addis Ababa

Number of employees: 10

Startup Capital: 15,000 Birr

Current capital Growing for starting the business: To bridge the gap between employers and jobseekers

The biggest perk of ownership: Making better opportunities for unfavorable community

Biggest strength: Knowing the right candidates for the right job

Biggest challenging: Illegal brokers

Plan: To help job seekers and organizations find opportunities to be successful

First career: Accountant

Most interested in meeting: Aliko Dangote

Most admired person: Etege Tayitu

Stress reducer: Time with friends

Favorite past time: Playing ground tennis

Favorite book: Rich Dad Poor Dad

Favorite destination: Dubai, UAE

Favorite automobile: Mercedes Benze