Online shopping portal with its own warehouse enters the Ethiopian market


Detecting the growing trend of the digital market, a local technology firm Addis Path Trading has presented a new online shopping portal called
“ is the valuable platform for all personal and business needs” said Fitsum Hailu, General Manager of Addis Path Trading. As he said the portal presents a wide range of products to its existing and potential customers. The portal include items such as educational and entertainment, stationary and office supplies, cosmetics, food items, gardening and DIY tools, household items, kitchen appliances, solar energy devices, sport, fitness & health equipment and other fast moving consumer goods that will assist customers to transact from anywhere at any time. also accepts various payment options. According to Fitsum it gives different alternatives starting from cash on delivery and all the way to accepting different international payment cards. “Customers may pay through online or by using their mobile phone,” said Fitsum. Recently, concluded E-commerce merchant agreement with Bank of Abyssinia for the acceptance of Visa cards and Master cards using CyberSource.
Addisber also provides a platform for those living abroad, who want to send items and daily needs to their family in Ethiopia. Besides, addisber gave choices to let all transactions to satisfy their need from the displayed products on its e-commerce website.
In order to incorporate the huge number of mobile users in Ethiopia, the portal uses local payment gateways like Yenepay, Amole, CBE Birr, Hello Cash, M-birr and others. It is also possible for individuals or institutional customers to transfer money to a company account if they choose to go to the bank physically or using their mobile or internet access.
Beside facilitates credit sales arrangement on a contract agreement basis for organizations that will have recurrent purchases.
“Most institutional customers are enjoying the price they get and benefited from some discount for their order. Some organizations are using the website for their retail market price analysis and to see the prevailed retail price level of the town,” Fitsum said. a
So far, the company invested more than15 million birr. It creates an employment opportunity for more than 30 employees and it has its own dispatch center and central warehouse located around Ayat area. “Unlike most online shopping service providers, hold its own stock and is selling its own products,” Fitsum added.