Arts TV launches virtual bazar


Arts TV announced the launching of a virtual Bazar in Ethiopia. The virtual Bazaar is organized in partnership with Dashen Bank for the holiday season which is the Ethiopian 2013 New Year festivities.
The Bazar is being held starting from August 26 and will run until the New Year’s eve which will be held on September 10, 2020.
“Bazars were usually held a few weeks before so everyone can purchase foodstuff, presents and other goods for the holyday. This year, the Covid-19 pandemic is making it impossible for such bazars to happen. Arts TV has found a solution for people and companies enabling them to respectively purchase/offer products and services without having to expose themselves and their families to the virus,” reads a statement sent to Capital from Arts TV.
“Arts TV will be producing a two-hour live show every morning for 15 days, with a host who will be presenting partner companies. Consumers will be able to purchase products using their phones and it will be delivered for free to their homes,” the statement further reads.
Payment options are available online and through phones, or at the nearest Dashen Bank branches.