Ethio-Telecom unveils plans to be more competitive

Frehiwot Tamiru (Photo: Anteneh Aklilu)

The 126 years old state telecom giant Ethio-Telecom is aggressively working to protect its market share when the country starts opening up the telecom sector in the near future.
Since the government has an intention to open up the telecom industry to private telecom operators and has been receiving bid, Ethio telecom is engaging in new business streams with significant discount, shift in revenue sources, improve the quality of service and accessibility, network expansion and alternative solutions. The telecom provider has also planned to install 5.47 million mobile capacities in Addis Ababa and regions.
The new telecom service providers are expected to get in the country until the end of this fiscal year. This, Ethio Telecom said in its statement, is in line with the Ethiopian government’s direction to reform the Ethiopian telecom market and create a competitive space.
“We are trying to reshape and lead the company with business orientation and competitive mindset with the ultimate aim of making it a preferred operator,” Frehiwot Tamiru, CEO of the sole telecom provider said during a media briefing on August 26.
Ethio telecom has also developed a three year growth strategy and one year business plan for 2020/21 fiscal year.
To ensure competitiveness and sustainable growth of the company, the strategy has been developed by considering and reviewing relevant government policies, international best practices, and industry trends, Frehiwot said.
“Based on data traffic growth and demand, 4G/LTE Advanced network capacity expansion will be carried out in Addis Ababa and 4G/LTE rollout will be conducted in regional towns. To improve network coverage and capacity, more than 5.47 Million additional Mobile network capacity will be installed in Addis Ababa and Regions. Furthermore, to accommodate growing data usage, International gateway capacity will be upgraded,” Frehiwot added.
Ethio telecom has also planned to increase total subscribers by 13 percent to 51.12 million, Mobile Voice subscribers by 11.8 percent to 49.77 million, Data and Internet users by 16.5 percent to 27.47 million, Fixed Broadband subscribers by 215.3 percent to 669.4 thousand. This is expected to bring telecom penetration to 51.3 percent.
By engaging in new business streams and shifting revenue sources from traditional to value-added services and by offering 14 new and 21 revamped local and international products and services, Ethio Telecom also aims to generate 55.55 billion birr revenue.
Ethio Telecom has also offered several new and revamped services, both local and

international, with significant discounts; such as the Stay Safe package to lessen COVID-19 impacts with up to 59 percent discount. These includes three days thank you gift package, Adey Abeba Package, and Ethiopian new year offer of 100 percent local airtime gift on International Airtime Top-up (IAT).
Ethio-Avaya, My Ethiotel Mobile App, Ethio e-Care, and a new website have been mentioned as ways in which Ethio Telecom strived to create more convenience for its customers.