Wudassie’s free scanning services

(Photo: Anteneh Aklilu)

Wudassie Diagnostic Center (WDC) has launched the 11th payment free CT scan and diagnosis service for five days for 1000 people who cannot affor it. According to the center the service is said to start on September 6 and will go on until September 10 for five consecutive days.
According to Dawit Hailu General Manager of the center, such program is launched to make its contribution to the needy and to be a model for other private health facilities. “When we play our role, we can also motivate others to contribute on their field,” Dawit said while announcing the initiative.
Wudassie Diagnostic was founded in 2008 and is one of the first diagnostic centers with MRI, CT scan, Digital X-ray, Ultrasound, EKG and Ambulance service in the country.
According to Dawit, WDC is dedicated in providing the community in and outside Addis Ababa with the finest imaging services by a local team of specialized physicians and associates. Beside in helping the needy, Wudassie has been engaged in different community based services including offering free service for 18 local based NGOs.