Chinese Government donates the third batch of medical materials to Ethiopia


With a view to helping Ethiopia contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, following the first and second batches of donation in March and April, the Chinese government donated the third batch of medical materials to Ethiopia, including 500,000 surgical masks, 65,000 protective face masks for medical use, 10,000 pieces of medical protective clothing and thousands of surgical gloves, goggles and shoe covers.
Since the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in Ethiopia around mid-March, the Chinese government, both at central and local level, as well as Chinese business community have been continuously providing both technical and material assistance, in an effort to boost Ethiopia’s capacity to handle the outbreak. It is especially worth mentioning that in April, a Chinese medical expert task force spent 15 days in Ethiopia, visiting quarantine and treatment facilities, sharing first-hand experience with their Ethiopian counterparts, and offering recommendations on Ethiopia’s response to the pandemic. Their devotion and professionalism won wide acclaim from Ethiopian government officials and general public alike. The Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Ethiopia (CCCE) also contributed their part to Ethiopia’s fight against the pandemic. With the resources contributed by its members, CCCE is preparing to donate a batch of medical supplies to the country, including highly needed ambulances, ventilators, ICU beds and PPEs.