Danawit Alema


Name: Danawit Alema

Education: BA in marketing management

Company name: SEMA Clothing LTD

Title: Creative designer and owner

Founded in: 2018


What it does: Make new branded clothes

HQ: Shiromeda

Number of employees: 8

Startup Capital: 2,500 Birr

Current capital: 100,000 birr

Reasons for starting the business: To make our cultural cloths influential in the modern fashion sector

The biggest perk of ownership: I believe in GOD

Biggest strength: My dreams

Biggest challenging: Having an affordable workplace

Plan: To take Ethiopian fashion to the next level

First career: Designer

Most interested in meeting: PM Abiy Ahmed

Most admired person: Priyanka Chopra

Stress reducer: Praying

Favorite past time: Designing

Favorite book: Any motivational books

Favorite destination: Anywhere in Ethiopia

Favorite automobile: Range Rover