Ethio Telecom slashes international call tariffs

Frehiwot Tamiru (Photo: Anteneh Aklilu)

Ethio telecom offered 50 percent discount on its international outgoing calls. According to the telecom service provider international outgoing calls to USA, Canada, UK, UAE, India, Germany, Saudi, China, Kenya, South Africa, and Australia are selected as beneficiary countries to the tariff discount.
To increase its customers Ethio Telecom also offered several new and revamped services, both local and international.
Last week Ethio telecom has disclosed tariff discount internet package by 35 percent, and voice call package tariff by 29 percent. Furthermore, it is cutting down mobile voice and data service charges by 28 percent, while discounting unlimited premium voice service charge by 21 percent, unlimited data package by 21 percent, and unlimited premium voice and data package services by 20 percent.
On premium plus unlimited package service, Ethio Telecom is making a 16 percent discount, and 61 percent discount on satellite services.
Ethio Telecom is also making a 59 percent discount on its “Stay at Home Package” till the end of 2020, a 53 percent discount on its “Adey Abeba Package”, the CEO said.
Ethio Telecom is the state-owned sole telecom services provider to Ethiopia’s 110+ million people. The Ethiopian government has recently been collecting bids to license two additional telecom services providers with significant discounts; such as the Stay Safe package to lessen COVID-19 impacts with up to 59 percent discount.
Ethio-Avaya, My Ethiotel Mobile App, Ethio e-Care, and a new website have been mentioned as ways in which Ethio Telecom strived to create more convenience for its customers.
In the last fiscal year ethio telecom has generated 47 billion birr revenue Ethio Telecom also aims to generate 55.55 billion birr revenue in 2020/21 the current fiscal year. In the closed fiscal year Ethio telecom announced that its total service subscribers have reached 46.2 million showing an increase of 5.8 percent from the previous period.
Ethio telecom has also planned to increase total subscribers by 13 percent to 51.12 million, Mobile Voice subscribers by 11.8 percent to 49.77 million, Data and Internet users by 16.5 percent to 27.47 million, Fixed Broadband subscribers by 215.3 percent to 669.4 thousand. This is expected to bring telecom penetration to 51.3 percent By engaging in new business streams and shifting revenue sources from traditional to value-added services and by offering 14 new and 21 revamped local and international products and services.