Ethiopia to host the 2020 CAF Annual Congress


Addis Ababa has been chosen to host the next gathering of African football governing body’s supreme legislative body, the CAF Congress scheduled for December.
The CAF executive committee reached this decision after FIFA’s 70th Congress which was scheduled for Addis Ababa was impeded by the coronavirus outbreak leading to its cancellation.
FIFA then decided to stage the Congress via videoconferencing on 18 September 2020.
CAF President Ahmad Ahmad confirmed this during a brief meeting with Ethiopia Football Federation President and General Secretary, Mr. Isayas Jira and Mr. Bahiru Tilahun respectively at the VIP salon of Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa. Ahmad was transiting to Cairo from Antananarivo, Madagascar.
The Congress is expected to welcome more than 250 guests from all CAF member associations and other international organizations, including the media.
Earlier in the year, it was remembered Addis Ababa was to host World Football governing body 70th annual meeting and host the 2020 edition of the World Economic Forum had it not been for Covid19 epidemic.