Humanitarian WASH response to the flood victims in Afar


Ministry of Water Irrigation and Energy appreciated the support of Citrus International Trading to humanitarian WASH response to the flood victims in Afar region. Citrus has been supplying water treatment for the past 13 years.
“As our previous effort to support the sector, we have been supplying Aquatabs for partners as donation for different emergencies in different times to be used for AWD outbreaks, flood emergency and drought response in different parts of the country through WASH Cluster partners,” the company said in a statement it sent to Capital.
“Currently our company is aware of the current Afar region flood emergency and has been following the situation. Hence, we would like to supply 100,000 Aquatabs through WASH cluster partners in response to the current emergency in Afar region,” it added.
“On behalf of WASH cluster and partners, we would highly appreciate this generous support by Citrus International Trading and their strong commitment to humanitarian causes,” Emergency WASH Task Force/ WASH Cluster Ethiopia, said.