Dashens’ successful dash amidst demonetization

Asfaw Alemu, President of Dashen (Photo: Anteneh Aklilu)

Dashen Bank, one of the top profitable private financial firms, disclosed that it has mobilized over 700 million birr with an additional 25,000 new account holders over the past two week demonetization period.
The bank that decided to pump 30 million birr for the call of supporting three national tourist attraction projects under the scheme dubbed ‘Dine for Nation’ said that it is working aggressively on the currency change, which was introduced on the 14th of September.
Asfaw Alemu, President of Dashen, said that the bank has distributed five billion birr worth of the new notes across its 425 branches and all of its 325 ATMs.
The fund raised under ‘Dine for Nation’ will finance projects at Gorgora, Koysha and Wonci.
On Friday October 2nd, the bank has opened five interest free branches in Addis Ababa and regional towns that drives the number of special interest free branches to a total tally of 8.