Professor Mesfin Wolde Mariam


Professor Mesfin Wolde Mariam
It is with a great sense of sorrow and loss that I learnt about the passing way of my teacher and adviser, Professor Mesfin Wolde Mariam. Ethiopia’s distinguished professor was an accomplished scholar, a patriot, a human rights advocate, a social democrat and humanist philosopher with clear thoughts and convictions. As a teacher, he expedited his teaching, research and social service duties with honor, dedication, selfless dedication and unparalleled excellence. As an unwavering social democrat, he fought for democracy, freedom, equality, justice, human rights and national unity. He vehemently and resolutely stood against the fractionalizing and destructive policies of extremists of the left and right. He taught the principle of unity in diversity and stood for the marginalized, the oppressed and the poor. As a patriot, he taught us the tremendous sacrifices that our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters paid in maintaining the independence and proud history of our illustrious country. His deep humanistic philosophical thoughts and writings will undoubtedly serve the younger generation of the value of courage, knowledge, humility and love of country and people as the building blocks of our country. His ascetic and almost monastic lifestyle has taught us the virtues of simplicity, self control and concern for others. As a social critic, he fought the good fight without fear and assertive confidence. Ethiopians at home and the Diaspora and the international community lost a great intellectual, a patriot and a citizen of unmatched caliber and unwavering dedication to people and country. Rest in Peace.
Tadesse Kidane-Mariam