Waliya new boss called in 40 players to camp


Waliya new boss Wubetu Abate kicked off his preparation for African Cup qualification campaign calling 40 players into camp. In addition to players past their prime including midfielder Dawit Estifanos, the absence of all internationals but Egypt based Shimeles Bekele threw football fans into curiosity.
Less than two months from his debut international match as a national coach, Wubetu summoned 40 players including five goalkeepers to report to Ethiopian Youth Academy, the camp where the preparation is said to take place.
Back from six months layoff due to Covid19 Pandemic, Wubetu faced the hardest setback of all time for he is in the blind about current status of his players. To tackle that challenge Wubetu opted calling as much as 40 players for his preliminary selection process.
One of the rising regional football force Fasil Ketema stands first with nine of its players called to camp while record champions Kidus Giorgis and popular side Ethiopia Bunna each coming up with eight and seven players respectively.
As usual there is a wide range of opinion on which players deserve their place, which players are living off their reputation and so on. In line with that thirty plus midfielder Dawit Estifanos, consistently inconsistent even at club level Mesoud Mohammed and less than ten appearances in his two years with Kidus Giorgis, Getaneh Kebede are the few that are called eyebrows from football fans. Whatever happens, Wubetu is sure to be criticized from some side, but won’t be the first to deal with an equal hostile press and fan base.
Five goalkeepers, 11 defenders, another 11 midfielders and 13 strikers, Wubetu appears to have a wide pool of players’ to select and get them ready for the qualification to be held at the final week of November.