DARA nears finalization of its digital operations

Muluken Amare

Documentation Authentication and Registration Agency (DARA) stated that it is at the final stage of making all its operations digital.
DARA, a pioneer of operational digitization in the public service sphere, disclosed that it will roll out a new scheme on processing memorandum of articles and minutes online.
The agency that is responsible for authentication and registration at the federal level has upgraded massively in technology in the support operation’s department. In the recently concluded budget year it has implemented a QR code system for documents that it authenticated.
DARA disclosed that it is finalizing in receiving draft documents and is now gearing to revisit and prepare the final approvals.
Muluken Amare, Director General of DARA, informed Capital that his agency has installed a stronger and faster infrastructure. This upgrade from the previous system has been applied to all its branches including that of Dire Dawa branch.
“All branches have been connected and this interconnection will further make it easier when new branches open in significant locations. These connections lead in the advancement of technological services,” he stated.
Muluken, who was spearheading the digitization scheme as a departmental head a decade ago, explained that Custor Computing PLC has played an integral role in upgrading the new system initially installed in the past. “We have a structure of competent IT experts that are aiding in undertaking the new scheme in house,” he added.
The new scheme will allow for the introduction of online memorandum of article and memorandum of association drafting and approval. Minutes shall also be authenticated in the new scheme.
Muluken emphasized that share companies or other businesses need not come to DARA branches with printed draft documents. Anyone can now use the templates provided by DARA to fulfill any process that they may have.
“If there is any comment on the document it will be sent via email and the customers shall correct it and come for approval only,” the Director General said.
According to Muluken, DARA offers a professional template which is easy to use, even for first time case users.
The new coming scheme will make the agency’s operation fully online when it comes to implementation. Currently, it is in the technical testing phase popularly referred to us ‘Operational Testing.’
“So far we have been focusing on some security concerns and as a result we have successfully introduced the QR code system to strengthen security,” Muluken explained.
DARA’s digitization of most of its systems and creation of digital documents allows for the integration of the agency with the banking industry.
“On matters integration with banks, we are currently connected with five banks and we are planning to expand to ten banks and we eventually want to cover all the remaining financial firms,” Muluken explained.
Fraudulent activities in the banking sector have been observed in the past through illegal and fake power of attorney. However, this will be a thing of the past since with the integration with the banks allows ease of the authenticity of the power of attorney from DARA’s system.
Recently, DARA across its 14 branches introduced a strong transaction confirmation from banks before authenticating any documents in harmony with the National Bank of Ethiopia’s maximum cash withdrawal directive.