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Viva PM Abiy Ahmed Ali, violence and riot is not the answer

By Abraham Nega, ILI, IIRAD

GERD is Africa’s largest hydroelectric plant when it comes into operation, is expected to reach 74B CM. GERD is now holding back water of 4.9B CM of the ABAY’s (Blue Nile’s) water in July 2020, despite Egypt threatens to wage war and USA’s demand that no way of filling should take place without a legally binding agreement.
Gedu Andargachew, Ethiopian Minister of Foreign Affairs, said though the Corona pandemic, locust invasion, Abay River (Blue Nile) dispute and the tragic violence of some time back have tried to shade our activities, but our hope and future brightened by the success of the first round filling up of the GERD. Every time some significant stage of development is reached that could raise up to a higher position.
As Ethiopia finds itself under attack by Egypt, Arab League Nation and USA as a result of her own resource, ABAY River (Blue Nile) nationalist sentiment at home appears to be growing stronger than ever before.
Prof. Badge Bekele, President of the International Leadership Institute of Ethiopia said, a delegation from the Egyptian government including diplomats and high ranking military officials spend nearly all their time of visiting into several horn of African countries with a proposal of setting up a military base will give them another mark of defeat following that of Ethiopia won the battle of GUNDETover Egypt by well-known Ethiopian Patriots.
There is no doubt that aggressive nationalism (a strong love of Ethiopia) has dramatically increased to a level that many have never seen before.
In one video, widely circulated on Ethiopian social media young men said they were “Extremely happy” to see the first round filling of the dam, smiling as they pointed at the western part of the country where the site direction of the dam is. Many waved the Ethiopian flag and holding up posters while others belting out Ethiopian National Anthem, the crowd sings cheerfully “Respect for Citizenship” is strong in our Ethiopia, National Pride is seen, shining from one side to another side. For peace, for justice, for the freedom of peoples, inequality and in love we stand united.
In another video, on the first round filling of the GERD, a group belting out a patriotic Ethiopian song. The crowd sings cheerfully “praising our beloved motherland as it goes towards prosperity and power”.A crowd was also praising VIVA PM Dr. Abiy Ahmed and the entire negotiators on your wonderful performance, we are at your side.
In Joyful demonstrations towards the development in the construction of GERD the African biggest dam on ABAY River (Blue Nile), Tens of thousands of residents flooded the streets of Addis Ababa and in other cities of Ethiopia, people in cars honked their horns, many of them whistled and played loud music and dancing in public spaces to mark the occasion.
The first round of filling GERD shows that when Ethiopians united together for their development, can never be defeated by any means and logic, we have seen how good we can be when we come together, said, Amb. Dina Mufti, Spokesperson, Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Some analysts predict that GERD construction on ABAY River (Blue Nile) river might lead to a water war is due to Egypt’s move to UNSC, Arab League Nation, and USA as well as Europe to internationalize the matter which was not supposed to be and jut to beat a drum of war, even recently, Egypt’s top intelligence chief delivers a campaign message over the GERD from President Sisi to Gen. Abdel Fattah Burhan of Sudan, but in my view, a war is very unlikely, of course, the GERD has helped to introduce a new idea and to shift longstanding power relationships and could make progress on the way towards more cooperation among all the countries that have interest on ABAY River (Blue Nile).
Dr. Abiy Ahmed on his coming to power with the pledge of ending the despotism long associated with Ethiopian government, he released tens of thousands of political prisoners.
He lifted a ban on several political parties, some of which had been designated “terrorist” groups, paving the way for the leaders of the banned groups to return to Ethiopia. He also ended the 20-year long war with neighboring Eritrea and sacked over 100 generals and other high officers, mostly from corrupt groups and security personnel that had dominated the previous regime, but groups who are not happy with this development, trying to destabilize the country in collaboration with foreign entities.
Foreign Orchestrated and Ethnically motivated killings are certainly nothing new for Africa, but this particular murder has touched one of the biggest nerves in decades, and the incident has been conducted when the Ethiopian people and government attention was fully focused on GERD.
Anti-sun wise elements tried to take advantage on pop musician’s death to establish anti-reform alliance and anti-change group threatening inter-ethnic peace in Ethiopia, but Ethiopia has returned to calm and normal after a couple of weeks of ethnic unrest, through hard work of security organs in close collaboration with the public, in fact the first round filling of the dam has brought all Ethiopians together. Change can be scary and full of risk, but it can also be beautiful and full of growth and so much potential with high tech capacity to develop bright future.
The Pop and Charismatic Musician death was not about Pop musician. We wish his family peace and prayers, but we cannot look at this situation just as individual incidence and really it is not individual incidence. When you have one episode, two episodes may be you can look at individual episode. But when you have five episodes, ten episodes, you are blind or it is in refusal and in denial, if we still treating each one at unique situation.
It does not make all of us to feel good and save. It is not just about the Pop Musicianbut you look back,Mr. Kinfe, Gen Hayelom, Gen. Seare, Dr. Ambachew with his colleagues and many others, let their house count them, how many times are we seen the same situation, just the names change but the colour does not and that is the painful reality of the situation. It is not in the past century, but it is in this generation history of discrimination and haterate on ethnic line, sponsored by foreign entity and implemented by forces who are against the reform
That is the honest truth behind this anger and frustration, somebody with the right mind can share the outrage at this fundamental injustice.
We have Covid-crisis, we have locust crisis, we have issue with our own resource of ABAY River (Blue Nile) and we have the situation of incident by foreign entities and in close collaboration with people who lost their advantages of corrupt practices due to reform, they incited violence and Riots in Addis Ababa and in Oromia, that is the honest truth and that is what is behind this anger and frustration and somebody with the right mind share the outrage at this fundamental crisis, they do BUT VIOLENCE IS NOT THE ANSWER, IT NEVER IS THE ANSWER. Violence obscures the righteousness of the message and the mission. We lose the point by the violence in response and allows people who chose to scapegoat the point of violence rather than the action that created the reaction.
The violence allows people to talk about the violence as a pose to honestly to address the situation that incited the violence.
Dr. Luther king has taught us this, he knows better than anyone who is speaking to us today on this issue, RETURNING HATE FOR HATE MULTIPLIES HATE. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that, yes outrage, yes frustration, yes anger but not VIOLENCE AND RIOT.
Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed has ordered the Attorney General to review the actions and the procedure on legal basis of this violence, because the Ethiopian people do deserve answer and accountability.
Those who are working for their own interests not for the Country to betray their country by committing treason, turning against their government and people, perhaps by selling secret information and destabilizing of their own country with the sponsors of foreign entity became the temporary challenge of Ethiopia which will be solved soon or later by strong sense of solidarity of the Ethiopian Nation and Nationalities.
Amb. Fisseha Shawel, Director General, Neighboring Countries and IGAD in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said the completion of the first round of filling of water is historic brief period of time displaying production skills in a reservoir of the dam shows. Ethiopian’s commitment to the renaissance of our Country.

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