The run-of-the-mill police states used to be characterized by their overall undemocratic governance. Their violent heavy handedness and blatant cronyism can be singled out for emphasis. In the ‘good old days’, when states had to try hard to portray themselves as kosher organs of societal governance, politicos and their extreme corrupt practices were not visibly flaunted like today. Trying to uphold values that were in tune with the desires of the sheeple (human mass) featured prominently in political electioneering. In those days, states and politicos that were recklessly undermining basic decent behavior were given a pariah status with attendant adverse consequences!
With the advent of technology, pariah states or police states managed to hide their abusive activities from the prying eyes of the global sheeple. The technosphere gave the crooked, not only in politics, a very powerful weapon to undermine rather comprehensively, democratic governance and basic decency. Election rigging, thanks to all sorts of techno manipulation, is now a routine process or even a compulsory one in certain places, for securing power by the undeserving scums of the earth. Hi-tech, particularly information technology has been a Godsend to states & their politicos, as the clumsy incredulity of human interference was no more needed. In short, totalitarianism facilitated by the technosphere, has now taken over the whole imagination of humanity. Coordination amongst states, in the effort to control the global sheeple, is advancing in leaps and bounds. Frankly speaking, from police state to totalitarianism has been smooth sailing, at least so far. Various scenarios indicate the move might well accelerate, unless a worldwide rejection/resistance by the sheeple, takes root ASAP!
Currently, the smart phone is considered as the major weapon of citizen’s control. Digital money, via mobile banking, might come to dominate all financial transactions involving the sheeple, sooner than we think. Surveillance, using smart phones is already an old story, thanks to John Snowden. ‘Contact tracing’ on the account of the flu, (Covid-19) is gaining ground. Such schemas are now in full operation mode all over the world, rhetoric/propaganda aside. The more technology is introduced in a society, the more the control! But the question still remains; what is behind such evil? Why the obsession to control? We admit; humanity is not all good and rational. It is also composed of sociopaths/psychopaths, who number about 5% of the total population. These disturbed individuals crave for control and domination and they eagerly inhabit spaces that can give them their pathetic fixes, like political arenas, big crony and parasitic businesses, (banking, etc.) What is not clear to many is the fact that these individuals in turn are controlled or have become mere pawns in hands of the technosphere, driven by the logic of capital. The incessant desire to accumulate, non-stop, is the main feature of capital. By and large, these individuals don’t mind being subjugated as long as they can turn around and dominate others. Freedom, sovereignty, liberty, privacy are concepts that are hardly understood by the globally reigning psychopaths/sociopaths!
Capital is not human, hence is not capable of understanding human needs outside of inconsequential material hankerings. Yet, capital is made to give the impression that its final objective is to better human lives! Late modernity, under the straight jacket of the technosphere, has now obliterated this claimed objective of capital. For instance, Big Pharma is, primarily, in the business of making money. Its objective is to survive in the business world. Making life somewhat better for collective humanity is not its overriding ambition. If Big Pharma can get away with products that can make it tons of money, but are considered detrimental to the sheeple’s health, it will not have much qualm in undermining life. It is because of such blindness of capital the states were instituted in the first place!
When the corporations rule the world behind the zombified and corrupt politicos, that is when uprisings become not only inevitable, but also legitimate. GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) were given the go ahead in the last few decades. GMO is now a major input in the sphere of global agriculture. Results are very disturbing, but since the modern states are there to protect capital and not humans, the various dangerous findings are all intentionally hidden from the public. As we speak, there are several attempts by big capital ‘to do GMO’ on humans, under various guises, vaccines, etc. Almost all such experiments have failed when tried on animals, (dogs, etc.) No matter, big pharma and psychotic billionaires obsessed with population control (in more ways than one) are aggressively pushing vaccines based on gene manipulation (Gates foundation, et al.) many secret experiments are being tried out in many places, especially in Africa. The Hollywood movie ‘ The Constant Gardner’ comes to mind.
Capital is thriving because humanity has put it on a pedestal. Currently, capital under its techno-façade has become literally unstoppable. Unfortunately the formal protectors of life (state, civil/religious organizations, etc.) are clearly under its thumb, so to speak. To bring the needs of humanity above that of capital will take a vigorous revolution of the mind. A new narrative that is willing to deconstruct all the evils of our civilization must be allowed to flourish. Sadly, any and all institutions disposed to critical investigation and learning has succumbed to the confining and destructive logic of capital. Today, capital is revered more than “God’. For example, capital is currently working towards the patenting of humans. The idea is to inject genes into an individual’s natural genome and declare the result as a new human form, belonging to the company that did the gene manipulation. In other words, it is to create ‘innate slaves’!
If truth be told, almost all global institutions are working in one form or another, on the callously destructive model of capital. Humanity is now clearly on its own, facing the immense monstrous machinery bent on the extinction project! Accelerating widespread climate of fear, so that the sheeple will accept everything forwarded by the states and their master, transnational capital, is one of the objectives of late modernity. See Hopkins’ article next column. “If the world is upside down the way it is now, wouldn’t we have to turn it over to get it to stand up straight?” Eduardo Galeano, (Upside Down, 1998). Good Day!