Preparing Ethiopian businesses for the new normal post COVID-19


Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd., a leading provider of cyber security solutions globally, hosted a webinar on October 12 through a joint effort with Deliver ICT, an IT solutions company based in Ethiopia, to provide businesses with the essential cyber security strategies needed post COVID-19.

According to Check Point research, the East African region has experienced nearly three times the global average in cyber-attacks. The World Economic Forum warned thatwe should prepare for a COVID-like global cyber pandemic that will spread faster and further than a biological virus, with an equal or greater economic impact.

With cyber security now considered a business enabler, Ethiopian security executives will play a key role in securing their organisations. The webinar presentation, “Coronavirus: The Day After Preparing For The Next Global Crisis – A Cyber Pandemic,” featured Matan Burstein, Security Engineering Manager Africa at Check Point Software, who provided insights into IT security challenges in the new cyber security normal which has arisen due to shifts in our working culture as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.