Raxio Group to build the first certified tier III data center


The US investment firm, The Raxio group, is going to build the first private up time certified tier III collocation data center with a 15.5 million dollar investment.

To build and operate a tier III standard data center facility with high security physical infrastructure which has 7 layers of security, Industrial park development commission has secured land to Raxio Group to build the first kind of tier III data center fully-owned subsidiary in Ethiopia, Raxio Data Centre PLC at ICT Park.

A tier III data center is a location with redundant and dual powered servers, storage network linkage and other IT components.  IT components are powered with multiple, active and independent sources of power and cooling resources.

The company is expected to finish the construction of its data center with projections being till the third quarter of 2021. The center will offer an optimized environment with IT equipment in a state of the art facility where customers can house their computing, network, storage and critical IT infrastructure. It will also entail a modular facility, fully equipped with industry best in technology, security, AC/DC power compatibility and redundancy.

Sandokan Debebe, CEO of Industrial Parks Development Corporation informed Capital that the company will build a nationwide data center that could give cloud services to governmental and nongovernmental organizations including website and any other internet based services. “Following the holistic reform that our nation is undergoing, new mobile operators are expected to be licensed soon which could increase the internet usage,  Raxio Ethiopia will play a paramount role in strengthening and developing the country’s digital infrastructure capabilities.”


With its investment and project plans completed in late 2019 and initial design underway, Raxio signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) in December 2019.

The company is planning to deploy its units to accommodate an IT capacity of 1.5MW supplying approximately 400 IT ranks which will be increase up to 3.0MW when the need grows.

Robert Mullins, President of Raxio Group, states that “Raxio’s facilities enable companies such as mobile network operators, content delivery networks and financial service providers to run their critical IT systems in a built-for-purpose, always-on environment. With our module build, we will be able to support growth quickly and tailor our build to the needs of our customers. Raxio Ethiopia will provide a critical and missing part of the nation’s digital infrastructure at an exciting and fast-evolving time in the broader telecoms sector in the country,” he explained.

The Raxio Group (“Raxio”), a premier pan-African data centre developer and operator, has officially secured land at the ICT Park, in the outskirts of Addis Ababa, through its fully-owned subsidiary in Ethiopia, Raxio Data Centre PLC (“Raxio Ethiopia”) where they will construct the country’s first private uptime certified Tier III collocation data centre.