The race for the lucrative wheat bid


Rosentreter Global Food Trading has offered the least price for the 400,000 metric tons of milling wheat procurement. Promising recently was awarded the 80,000 metric tons bid of the World Bank Safety Net grain supply.

The company that participated with other five companies on the bid opened mid October has offered the lowest price on FoB for all lots.

According to the finance documents that was opened on Wednesday, Rosentreter has offered a FoB price of USD 186.99 per ton for the first and second lots that have 100,000 each, and USD186.9 for the third lot and USD 195.99 for the fourth lot that have similar volume as the first two lots.

On the bid, Rosentreter and A Plus Importer have participated on all four lots, while others gave their offers on different lots.

According to the financial offer of A Plus, it has given USD 255.89, USD 257.1, USD 258.78, and USD 261.5 per ton for the supply of the grain from lot one to four respectively.


Aston FFI (Suisse), which participated on the fourth lot, offered USD 259.69 per ton.

Huyton Inc. Group that offered its price for the third and fourth lots has offered USD 263.25 per ton for both lots. Green Export CA and Promising International Trading Co, who gave their offer for the third lot, have tagged USD 265.96 and USD 272 per ton respectively.

On the bid that the Public Procurement and Property Disposal Service (PPPDS) manage for Ethiopian Trading Business Corporation, companies have submitted the port of loading and most of the ports are located at Black Sea in Russia and Ukraine.

According to the cost of carriage up to Djibouti that was estimated by Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise, the transportation cost of Rosentreter that shall be loaded at Novorossoysk port of Russia is USD 54 per ton.

The loading ports of A Plus are different for all four lots and the price ranged from USD 53 to USD 62 per ton for transportation to Djibouti, USD 53 from Constanta (Konstanza), Romania port and USD 62 for transportation from Dunkirk, France.

On the other hand on the procurement process of 80,000 metric tons of wheat that World Bank procured for Food Security Coordination Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture for Rural Productive Safety Net Program the award has been given.

Promising International Trading Co secured the bid of CIP Adama, Dire Dawa and Kombolcha central warehouses.

The total wining price is USD 27.82 million. According to the bid document from the total 80,000 metric tons; 26,000 metric tons shall be delivered to Adama Central warehouse, 30,000 metric tons to Kombolcha and the remainder 24,000 metric tons to Diredawa Central warehouse.

Promising International Trading Co of Dubai has offered USD 351.7 per ton (USD 9.144 million for 26,000 metric ton) for wheat that will be transported to Adama, USD 349.95 per ton (USD 10.49 million for 30,000 metric ton) for the destination at Kombolcha and USD 340.95 per ton (USD 8.18 million for 24, 000 metric ton) for Dire Dawa warehouse, which is closer to the sea port.

On the bid that was opened early October Nuhizy Alrfay Mohamed, which is new for such biding in Ethiopia, had offered the lowest price but the company could not align itself to the request of PPPDS to bring required documents that had missed on its bid documents. As a result Due Promising has secured the award.