Saturday, April 13, 2024

Alem Abreha


Name: Alem Abreha

Education: MSC Computer Engineering

Company name: Gooday Online LLC

Title: Founder and CEO

Founded in: 2019

What it does: Digital Marketing Automation and Data Analytics

HQ: Herndon VA, USA

Number of employees: 5

Startup Capital: 250,000 USD

Current capital: 150,000 USD

Reasons for starting the business: Building a highly profitable technology and data firm

Biggest perk of ownership: Unleashing gig economy and digital enablement

Biggest strength: Vast experience and talent

Biggest challenging: Internet connectivity and smartphone penetration

Plan: Realizing a B2B2C digital marketing platform and automation that fits the context of Ethiopia

First career: Network Engineer

Most interested in meeting: Arkebe Oqubay

Most admired person: Abebech Gobena

Stress reducer: Team building exercises and volunteering activities

Favorite past time: Family time

Favorite book: What you do is who you are, Ben Horowitz

Favorite destination: The Maldives

Favorite automobile: Tesla Roadster

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