Ethiopia in Czech colour


The Embassy of the Czech Republic held its second art exhibition and bazaar this year in the embassy’s compound on 5th of December 2020. The embassy collaborated with The Ethiopian Visual Art Association and the Ethiopian Women Artists Association to provide a platform for professional and amateur Ethiopian artists to showcase their work. The event was attended by diplomats from different embassies, art enthusiasts and the press.
The event kicked off by a brief speech by the Deputy Ambassador Jaroslav Zukerstein. He cheered and thanked everyone involved in his discourse. His speech was followed by President of Ethiopian Visual Art Association Aklilu Mengestu. The artist expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the embassy for delivering a platform and art appliances for Ethiopian artists. He also highlighted Czech’s remarkable influence on art in the 19th century and Czech’s good reputation in the art industry.
Over 200 paintings and 15 sculptures were displayed throughout the compound. These pieces were brought about by 20 artists, 8 of whom are women. Out of these adept artists Robel Wolde and Brihan Beyene’s enchanting oil paintings stood out. Amen Badeg’s exquisite sculptures, made of scrap metal, had left everyone in awe. The embassy had arranged for art collectors and artists to negotiate directly and learn the essence behind the pieces. Other products such as high-quality leather bags by Undkdən and pieces of jewellery made by Ambassador Senait Mikešove were procurable providing more purchasable options for guests. The embassy partnered with Hyatt Regency, Awash winery and Natti’s coffee to cater for the event and make the day more enjoyable and memorable.
Deputy ambassador of Czech Republic Jaroslav zukerstein stated that this event was held to bring Ethiopia and Czech Republic together in an informal manner and to strengthen the relationship between these two countries with a long history of alliances. He said he hopes this event will help share the embassy’s values such as freedom, diversity, and self-expression as these are core to society and art. He also mentioned that the embassy is already planning edition three, art and exhibition with more artists and including other arts such as fashion design.