National Bank resumes changing old banknotes in Tigray


The National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) has resumed changing old banknotes with the new ones in Tigray regional state.
The bank suspended changing the old currencies in Tigray due to the law enforcement operations carried out in the regional state.
As of this week residents can change their old currencies for the coming 14 days, including on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. As the deadline to change old banknotes for an amount of 100,000 -1.5 million birr was over before the start of the operation, those who have that amount will not benefit from the services resumed. However, those who have an amount of less than 100, 000 birr can change their old banknotes by visiting nearby banks.
NBE urged banks to strictly follow the directives and procedures issued for changing old currencies.
Ethiopia introduced new currency notes, with enhanced security features and other distinctive elements last September.
The new currency notes replaced the 10, 50 and 100 birr notes while an additional 200 birr note was introduced. The 5 birr note remained unchanged and will be turned into coin format.