Friday, April 12, 2024

Relief and emergency activities going well in Tigray: Interim Administration CEO


The relief and the emergency activities managed by Tigray Interim Administration is going well despite the rampant baseless disinformation, CEO Mulu Nega said.
Mulu said his administration is progressing well to achieve all the priorities set in the short and long term plans of the region.
He stressed that there is very huge demand in humanitarian assistance. But “the relief and the emergency activities are going well in the region.”
The CEO stated that the administration “has already started providing food for the needy population at all levels, and we have agreed with the responsible federal government sectors to speed up and strengthen the activities because people should get food and all basic necessities.”
The only thing that needs to be strengthened is the distribution to all woredas and cities as the flow is very good, he said, adding that this is also going well but will be strengthened to address all the population in the region.


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