Saturday, July 13, 2024

DMP sets special livestock terminal to ease export


Doraleh Multipurpose Port (DMP) is facilitating to make ready the USD 400 thousand worth exclusive livestock terminal for Ethiopian animal exports.
For questions that Capital inquired through email to the maritime giant in the region, the giant in response explained that the livestock terminal work had been carried out by the port’s staff on an in house project.
The information gathered from DMP indicated that the project was commenced in April 2020 and it had consumed USD 400,000.
The exclusive facility has a capacity to handle 2.5 million heads of animal per annum.
“Regarding site capacity per day it shall manage 1,000 heads of camel, 500 heads of cattle 4,270 heads of goat or sheep,” the response of the port explained.
It added that the operation is now open for potential export of livestock cargos.
“DMP terminal is ready to start operations as soon as the livestock arrives,” it says, “Doraleh will receive all transit livestock into its dedicated terminal while services like quarantine, water and resting area until loading into ships will be provided.”
It said that the new facility is viable with the railway system of Ethio Djibouti Railway, “Of course, EDR is making all endeavors to transport livestock by train.”
DPM informed Capital that Port of Djibouti SA/DMP CEO had worked in close collaboration with the Ethiopian Embassy of Djibouti, the Ethiopia Ministry of Agriculture, Djiboutian Ministry of Agriculture and the leadership of Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise as partners to embark operation.
Inaugurated in May 2017, the Doraleh Multipurpose Port was designed to relieve congestion at the former port of Doraleh: in under a year, waiting time to discharge goods was reduced from weeks to days.
The DMP accommodates vessels with up to 100,000 DWT and boasts some of the most modern facilities in Africa.
The facility that consume USD 590 million in investment cost has a range of terminals that including bulk, break, container and RoRo, and it has 1,200 meters of quay line, accommodating 6 berths with a depth of 15.3 meter.
Djibouti is undertaking massive port and related logistic investments in different corners of the country on the vision of being one of the leading actors in the continent.

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