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Teshale Alemu 

Teshale Alemu 

Name: Teshale Alemu

Education: Degree in Accounting and Finance

Company name: Floret Chicken

Title: Owner

Founded in: 2014

What it does: Sell chicken and chicken products

HQ: Hawassa

Number of employees:5

Startup Capital: 130,000 birr    

Current capital: Growing 

Reasons for starting the business: My interest on animals and to generate income

Biggest perk of ownership: Hard working

Biggest strength: Hard worker

Biggest challenging: Capital and technologies

Plan: Start exporting and expand my business

First career: Accountant

Most interested in meeting: Emperor Hailesilassie

Most admired person: My father  

Stress reducer: Working

Favorite past time: Cooking

Favorite book: Thinking Fast and Slow

Favorite destination: Anywhere in Africa

Favorite automobile: Mercedes  Benz

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