New framework for national transformation demonstrates vital role of leadership in developing sustainable prosperity


Global think-tank the Legatum Institute has published a new report outlining a framework for national transformation designed to help leaders as they make decisions to guide their nation on a development pathway.
Based on an in-depth examination of the journeys of 10 nations with contrasting development trajectories over six decades, the How Nations Succeed report outlines the building blocks of institutional, economic, and social wellbeing and provides insights on how development priorities can best be sequenced to build lasting and sustainable prosperity.
Commenting on the report’s findings, CEO of the Legatum Institute Baroness Philippa Stroud said: “For over a decade our global Prosperity Index has offered unique insights into the holistic nature of prosperity and what drives progress in nations around the world. While the focus is often on the highest performing countries in the Index, it is arguably the gradual yet steady progress of numerous developing nations that has been most encouraging.