Convenience at a click


By Yohana Kassahun

Tikus Delivery is a technology platform founded by 3 youngesters that connect customers to nearby restaurants to transport meals. It is also inexpensive. The platform has its app available on both android and iOS. Customers can pick restaurants of their choice via the app and select their desired orders. The restaurant then makes their meal and calls a deliverer to take it from their location to the customer. Tikus delivery employs cars, motorcycles and bicycles. The platform has 3 different apps specifically made for each of the cogs in this company’s chain. The customer, the restaurants, and the riders all have special apps. The customers’ app enables orderers to track their food from the point the rider goes to pick it up to the time it reaches them.
The company owners have said that their service not only saves time for their consumers but also provides part-time or full-time job opportunities for the youth. The entrepreneurs have had to tackle various challenges for the take-off of their startup. One of the most challenging things is going through the necessary steps to legitimize their company. “The bureaucracy when going to government offices was extremely tiring,” highlighted Biruk Getahun, cofounder of Tikus Delivery. Two years was the time it took to get the service out to the market. “Finacial aid to bring our vision to life was extremely hard to come by. Investors weren’t willing to pour their money into an idea that was fairly new to the Ethiopian market,” stated Amir Redwan, cofounder of the company.
The company is planning to employ 1,000 youth this year. The first phase of employment will consist of 200 youth. The company makes its profit through commissions from the restaurants and the drivers. The friends have mentioned that working in a group has had its drawbacks. “We sometimes disagree because everyone has different ideas but it has done us more good than harm. Working in a group has allowed us to stay motivated,” added Yasin Aman.
One of the owners stated that the company doesn’t only measure its success through monetary gains but also by the amount of employment it offers, making technological advancements in the field and better strategies of digital marketing. Entrepreneurship seems to be the biggest focus of the company.
The startup works on close collaboration with Bridge Programme and Mastercard Young Africa Works.
The company also offers a bicycle that costs 7000-9000 birr with only a prepayment of 10% of the cost and a 1,000 birr deposit for its riders.