Djibouti once again assure the requirements of ISO28000


The modern port facility in the Horn, Doraleh Multipurpose Port (DMP) reaffirms its certification on international security management from the British company.
The ISO28000: 2007 certification assures the competitiveness of the port facility that is located at Doraleh, which is in the outskirts of Djibouti city.
DMP has been ISO28000: 2007 certified since March 28, 2019 by the Llyod’s Register, a British company expert in the field of certification.
The port indicated that the said certification relating to the supply chain security management system brings to the facility at DMP a number of advantages such as a clear competitive advantage on the market, increased reliability and improved customer satisfaction.
Djama Ibrahim Darar, Port of Djibouti SA (PDSA) and DMP General Manager, said that this has enabled DMP to better control and secure its internal processes in terms of security for ships, goods and companies established in the port.
“For its customers, this translates into high value-added merchandise service thanks to a modern and safe operational capacity,” he explained.
The certification will then be maintained by annual surveillance audits scheduled by the certification body, with the renewal of the certification of the Supply Chain Safety Management System carried out on a three-year basis.
The Port also meets the safety rules established by the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) regulations.
This certification process has been endorsed since the end of the 2000s at PDSA, which is the first port in East Africa to have received certification in 2008 for its organization in terms of safety.
“As part of the annual ISO28000: 2007 audit surveillance visit, PDSA and DMP management has been making intense preparations for three months in collaboration with the Port Secure of Djibouti and the National Police who participated fully and actively in the preparatory work for the audit,” on its statement the port disclosed.
To this end, the DMP successfully validated on February 3, 2021 compliance with the requirements of the ISO 28000 audit.
It should also be remembered that the Port has a CCTV system that operates 24/7, barriers accessible with secure name badges.
The state of the art port facility that was established with an investment of almost USD 590 million and inaugurated in 2017 recently included the first livestock terminal at the cost of USD 400,000.
The recently added facility has the export capacity of 2.5 million heads per year and the area of the first phase is 27, 515 square meters.
Regarding site capacity per day it shall manage 1,000 heads of camel, 500 heads of cattle 4,270 heads of goat or sheep at the current phase that will be expanded in the coming expansion projects.
The terminal also has various structures suitable for the export of sheep, cattle, goats and camels, while new facility is viable with the railway system of Ethio-Djibouti Railway.
DMP has a range of terminals that including bulk, break, container, a RoRo depth of 15.3 meter with 8.000.000 MT annual capacity.