Ethiopia Bunna’s Abubakar making history


First-ever triple hat trick in Ethiopian premier league first-round fixtures, Abubakar Nasser appeared in sheer determination to break all-time highest scorer Getaneh Kebede’s record. Mujib Kasim stands far second followed by Getaneh Kebede even further.
His third hat trick over Adama ketema followed by a braid over Wolkite, fast-rising to stardom Abubakar took his goal tally to 19 fast riding to overrun the five years 26 goals record held by Kidus Giorgis striker Getaneh Kebede. Just a rookie at Ethiopia Bunna, yet as deadly as mid-day Cobra Abubaker scored 19 goals in thirteen matches that is an incredible 1.46 goals per game comparing Getaneh’s 26 goals in 30 fixtures.
Hardly to find the back of the net in the last three matches, Fasil Ketema’s goal machine Mujib Kasim stands second in the roster with 12 goals.
Record champions St George’s target man Getaneh Kebede stands third with ten goals in his name. Despite St George’s poor form sitting third in the table, twice former EPL top scorer of the season Getaneh is doing everything possible to catch up the runaway leading scorer Abubaker Naser.
Seven goals under his belt Baherdar’s Fitsum Alemu comes next in the roaster followed by Sebeta’s Fetsum G/Mariam, Adama’s Abdisa Jemal and Diredawa’s Muhedin Musa each with six goals.
Despite lesser number of clubs (13) comparing to previous seasons, the total number of goals in the record are turning up impressive. According to critics DSTV’s transmission of live coverage of Ethiopian Football could be the reason behind for it created powerful inspiration for the players.