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The best apps for art lovers in 2021


Today, the world’s population has well and truly adopted apps into their everyday lives. Some people use apps to read the latest interviews. Others might use an app to purchase an item online, while someone else might use one to conduct banking enquiries. There is an app for almost everything, art included.

Throughout time, artists have always strived to increase art’s accessibility and make it more available to the masses. Apps provide exactly that as many people have a smartphone or a tablet these days, which, subsequently, opens up genres like art to people at the touch of a button. Some of us use our smartphones for other purposes, be it to play the hugely popular Starburst slots that offers plenty of fun, or to upload the latest image on Instagram, but apps based around art are popular also. Some art apps might find the best local exhibitions, while others offer a selection of masterpieces from all around the world.

With an array of popular art apps available at the moment, here is a look at some of the best creations for your devices.

Daily Art

 Understanding the context of some famous pieces of artwork can be fairly tricky on occasions, especially when it comes to certain artists like Van Gogh and Pollock. That’s where Daily Art comes in with its comprehensive lowdown on some of the most famous pieces of art the world has ever seen. You can learn fun facts, join a community of millions, read artist biographies, save your favourite pieces of art and share them with friends and family, and read up on the latest and greatest museums.

Google Arts & Culture

 As far as art apps go, Google Arts & Culture is just about as comprehensive as it gets. You can do a lot on this clever and slick app, starting with editing your photos and turning them into classic artworks and ending with an exploration of paintings in HD and with 360-degree videos. You can take VR tours through galleries, find portraits that look like you, and learn a great deal about global art and its history.


AMO: Daily Art Inspiration

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An app created by artists for artists, AMO: Daily Art Inspiration has you covered with all things art. The app provides information around an array of artists and the historical stories surrounding them. AMO: Daily Art Inspiration also has an artist of the day feature, daily inspirational content, around 150 art movements, and access to over 40,000 different artworks.

Art Quiz

Keen to test your art knowledge? If so, then try downloading Art Quiz. The app does what it says on the tin, providing users with a selection of questions around art history in what is a fun and interactive app. Can you achieve the best scores and reign supreme? You’ll definitely learn a thing or two with this particular creation. Art Quiz is a great app for improving your art knowledge, but it also presents learning about art in a fun and interactive way.

Artlist App

Another hugely popular app with art lovers at the moment, the creators of Artlist App believe that to be in the know with the subject, you only need to understand three simple steps. The steps are observing, recognising, and reflecting. The app does a perfect job of delivering just that, as works are generally added to the app on a regular basis. You can add various pieces of art to your favourites, filter out multiple styles, explore exhibitions from all around the world, and share your favourite art with your friends and family.

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