Monday, May 20, 2024

Edget Betremariam


Name: Edget Betremariam

Education: Diploma certificate in Mosaic Art

Company name: Ab Edget restaurant

Title: owner

Founded in: 2006

What it does: Restaurant services

HQ: Near Lideta Federal High Court

Number of employees: 23

Startup Capital: 1,000 birr

Current capital: 50,000 birr

Reasons for starting the business: It was started as a family business

Biggest perk of ownership: Ability to support myself and my family

Biggest strength: Ability to work in a harsh environment and time management

Biggest challenging: Government system and Covid-19

Plan: Building an International Hotel

First career: DJ

Most interested in meeting: PM Abiy Ahmed

Most admired person: My parents

Stress reducer: Praying and music

Favorite past time: Sporting activities

Favorite book: Bible

Favorite destination: Dubai

Favorite automobile: Toyota Corolla

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