Ethiopian Olympic Committee unveils new training location


The Ethiopian Olympic Committee (EOC) identified Hawassa as the training location for the Ethiopian athletics team preparing for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.
The EOC started preparations for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics eight months ago. Upon completion of its first round of training, the committee decided to relocate its training location outside the capital.
Recently, EOC, in collaboration with the Ethiopian Athletics Federation (EAF), coaches of various disciplines, athletes and medical professionals held a sight visit and conducted identification of convenient training locations in preparation for the second round of training.
The team visited Hawassa and Shashemene. Muktar Kedir, who is a World Athletics Champion two consecutive times and the only race-walking athlete, Yewhalaye Beletew, were among the individuals who were engaged in the sight visit.
Former athlete Haile Gebresilassie and other professionals emphasized that since the capital is being polluted by vehicles and industries, the weather condition is not at its best to serve as a training site.
Considering this and other facts, the decision to relocate the training area out of Addis was commended by many. However, a professional whom The Reporter approached said even though Hawassa is convenient for track racing due to its low altitude, its humidity might impact athletes negatively.
To tackle this challenge, he suggested stationing the athletes in Hagere Selam (a town close by Hawassa city) and bringing them to Hawassa to conduct track racing trainings.