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Zemen, MasterCard unburden overseas travel with contactless card

In partnership with MasterCard, Zemen bank issued the first ever contactless prepaid travel card in Ethiopia.
Zemen prepaid MasterCard will enable cardholders to use cards with two major currencies namely, U.S dollar and the Euro based on their travel destination.
“Zemen is known for introducing banking technologies in the country, we are delighted to see this product address our customers’ needs for overseas travel without the need to hold cash,” said Dereje Zenebe, CEO of Zemen bank, adding that the move will pave the way for more E-commerce payments too as customers are able to book their flights and hotel using their card.
In addition to the two currencies, in the future Zemen is planning to work with master card to issue cards for other currencies based on their popular customer destination to add convenience and avoid currency conversion cost.
Card holders are able to load up to 10,000 U.S dollar or equivalent depending on their purpose of travel. All Zemen machines and most ATM accept contactless master card as a result of Zemen’s significant investment and diligent approach to providing contactless solution.
Zemen’s prepaid travel master card include access to all master card points of sale and ATMs in the world as well as platinum insurance benefits which covers card fraud protection and purchase protection.
In addition to Zemen MasterCard, Zemen bank has also launched the next generation mobile banking application in addition to the traditional mobile app functionalities to enable customers to view account information.
Moreover, Zemen customers can self-onboard themselves and be able to get 24/7 instant support through the in app chat functionality by downloading the app from Google play and Apple app stores.
The bank is among one of the pioneers in introducing mobile banking with the then existing technologies. It has now revamped its mobile banking solution knowing fully well the current and future customers needs for harnessing evolving technologies.
App banking customers can access their finance faster and send money to friends and families without any hassle. In addition, financial and non-financial transaction can be initiated on the app which can send instant cash to any recipient at Zemen ATM for immediate needs. Furthermore, customers can access their accounts to get relevant information, plus all digital channels of Zemen bank are seamlessly integrated for customers to initiate a process in one channel and finish in other channel.
Using the app customers will be able to manage cards initiate, Z-cash voucher and collect cash through AT, pay bills and can resolve their day to day banking queries and get information related to products and offers.


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