ICL – Ethiopia launches mass COVID-19 test campaign in Tigray


International Clinical Laboratories (ICL) has launched free Covid-19 testing program for 50,000 people in Tigray. The Laboratory kicked off the massive campaign earlier this week in collaboration with Tigray Health Bureau and Mekele Hospital after securing a permission from Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) and Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH).
The testing campaign is expected to reach other health facilities in the region, and in addition to the Public Health Facilities in Tigray, ICL is partnering with other private health facilities to offer free Covid-19 testing for individuals who cannot afford the test.
“We are extremely excited to serve the residents of Tigray through this testing campaign. We believe this will contribute to strengthen the COVID-19 response and curb further spread in the community. COVID-19 tests might be costly, especially for the low-income households and those struggling financially. And this is part of ICL’s aim to make Covid-19 testing available for everyone,” said Tamrat Bekele, CEO of ICL- Ethiopia.