Deconstructing Hope


A solo debut photo exhibition named Deconstructing Hope at blue space was opened on Thursday April 22,2021. The exhibition showcases 51 photographs shot by Adane Firde.
The exhibition hosted by Eleni Gebremedhin and Yasser Bagersh, will stay open for the coming 18 days starting up to May 9, 2021.
Most of the pictures try to show day to day life of Ethiopians and also their emotion triggers, as the photographer explains “after taking the picture I always tried to understand all of my subjects just to understand their feelings and to write the perfect caption.”
According to Adane the entire photographs showcased on the exhibition is presented are up for sell with prices ranging from 1,500 birr to 8,500 birr.
Adane Firde is a digital marketer, tour and travel professional and takes his pictures from all over Ethiopia where life takes him.