New innovators enter the hotel and tourism sector

(Photo: Anteneh Aklilu)

A new local brand called Room Roaming joins the hotel and tourism sector. Established by three young cofounders, Room Roaming introduces a brand that can franchise local budget-hotels in order to maximize the hotels profit margins unlike the different traditions of doing business.
“Room Roaming is a budget hotel aggregator & franchiser with technology-based business model. Our focus is mainly on consultation, rebranding, monitoring and evaluation of budget hotels,” stated Feven Tefera, one of the co-founders.
“We re-brand budget hotels, face-lift them to deliver international services for a fair price and market them through our platforms enabling them to be visible worldwide and attract large number of customers by working our digital market online and offline thus supporting our hotels,” added the co-founder.
Room roaming was established in 2019, after organizing the firm the global pandemic presented a bit challenge to room roaming to franchise with hotels, however, the firm has tackled the challenges head on.

With regards to standards set by the firm, Room Roaming looks into: their physical appearance, their service and quality and certain things that can discomfort guest. After that prudent assessment, hotels then join to become members.
Even though currently Room Roaming is operating only in Addis Ababa, according to Bruktawit Ambachew, the sales and marketing manager at the firm and co-founder expressed that they plan to expand their networks across the country, thereafter the continent in order to improve the hotel sector.
“We have built an integrated website as well as social media accounts and short code 7488, where local clients can call at any time to use our services. Our dedicated call center representatives will provide necessary information about our member hotels and assist guests in their booking and further inquiries,” explained Bruktawit
Basically, guests don’t have to access the internet and roam around looking for hotels nearby; they can just dial 7488, book our rooms and they will receive COVID-conscious experiences at our member hotels.
“In addition, with a quick look at the stories of local hotels, one can find lots of queries that remain unanswered. When hotels join our group, this will not happen,” emphasized the co-founder.
“We consider them as family, we will give solutions, whether complaints or compliments, as fast as possible. We understand and have positive exchanges with our customers and that is the nature of our business. This also gives us an opportunity to demonstrate the importance of customers. Most hotels fail, not because of service, but because they do not market and place the needs of their customers at the top of their priorities,” Feven sensitized.
On Saturday April 24, 2021, Room Roaming officially partnered with Bellevue hotel and spa which makes their member hotels six including Empire Addis International Hotel, Weygoss Guest House, Ronali International Hotel, Kersay Hotel and Newday Hotel.