House endorses designation of TPLF, Shene as terrorist groups


The House of People’s Representatives has endorsed the decision of the Council of Ministers to designate Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and Shene as terrorist organizations.
At its 13th regular session, the House discussed the proposal of the Council of Ministers to designate TPLF and Shene as terrorists.
It is to be recalled that the Council of Ministers passed a resolution to designate TPLF and Shene groups, following the multiple attacks they have been perpetrating in various parts of the country by targeting civilians and public infrastructure over the past two years.
Last November, TPLF forces attacked the Ethiopian National Defense Force (RNDF) and looted military hardware, prompting the Government of Ethiopia to launch a massive law enforcement operation.
During the discussion at the HPR, members of the HPR were shown the atrocities TPLF and Shene have been committing. Many lives were lost, properties destroyed, and thousands displaced.
The House was as a result convinced that the two organizations have been committing outrageous crimes that could be considered terroristic and the attacks were carried out in various parts of the country targeting civilians.