Second round humanitarian assistance addresses over 2.7 million people in Tigray


The Ministry of Peace jointly with the National Disater Risk management Commission (NDRMC) has issued a statement on latest developments in Tigray Region.
The Ministry of Peace stated that it has begun working with NDRMC on the humanitarian issues since the completion of the law enforcement operation.
According to the statement, over the last few months they have focused on rebuilding infrastructure damaged by retreating TPLF forces such as electricity, telephone lines, schools, health and water facilities.
The national political and economic reform agenda encompasses all the regions. Thus, Tigray region along with other parts of the country will accelerate its reform and development activities and transition from aid dependency towards self-reliance and self-sufficiency.
The Ethiopian Government and people have been mobilizing resources and expertise to speed up Tigray region’s recovery process.
Government of Ethiopia provided 70% of the emergency aid to the Region in first and second rounds of emergency assistances. Since the completion of the law enforcement operation the Government of Ethiopia along its national and international partners have carried out wide ranging initiatives including distribution of food and non-food items, rehabilitation of infrastructures and resumption of services.