Friday, July 12, 2024

The electoral race Hibir Ethiopia Democratic Party


Elections in their true nature keep a democratic country functioning, as they give the people the right to select their own government. Choosing the right leadership is integral to the success and growth of any given country. With the 6th Ethiopian general elections fast approaching, Capital has organized a series of interviews with aspiring political parties, with topics that encompass their incoming policy plans with regards to important matters that are required for the progress of Ethiopia.
To this end, Capital drew links with Hibir Ethiopia Democratic Party, through their party member and member of parliament aspirant, Getye Terfe (PhD).The following are the party’s subsequent plans with respect to the key stone areas that require dire attention for a better Ethiopia. Excerpts;

Capital: What kind of policy plans does Hibir Ethiopia Democratic Party have towards developing education in Ethiopia?
Getye Terfe: A snippet into our policy plan for education entails, educating our students in the country’s first language (Amharic) from grades 1-6. Moreover, for College and university graduates are required to study for an average of 2 to 3 years, with a bachelor’s degree spanning from 4-6 years, depending on the type and behavior of the school. In addition, vocational and technical education and training is provided at Certificate, Diploma, Degree and above. In the meantime, the pre-primary KG will be supported by the government.

Capital: What kind of policy does Hibir Ethiopia Democratic Party have regarding job creation and minimizing unemployment rate?
Getye Terfe: It is easier for the union to deal with unemployment. Because Ethiopia is an undeveloped country, so there are many opportunities. Unemployment is difficult for low-income countries. Because they are thinking, not about growth and prosperity, but about repairing what has been developed, we have a modern policy and strategy to address this. The reason is that Ethiopia is a visionary party that connects yesterday, today and tomorrow. Therefore we will interlink this by giving the much needed support to the unions and job creation commission.

Capital: What kind of policy framework do you have in store to support and improve the agriculture sector?
Getye Terfe: Cooperative economic policy is industry-led and agriculture is fed to the industry. Modernizing and managing agriculture is our number one priority. Fertilizer debt will be pardoned until 2013 to revitalize farmers who are still embroiled in political debt, and this amongst others will be our priority agenda to uplift the sector which is a backbone to our economy.

Capital: What kind of policy does Hibir Ethiopia Democratic Party have regarding decreasing inflation and building sustainable living standards?
Getye Terfe: Hibir Ethiopia does not believe that the cost of living is only related to the market and the economy as a whole. It is also a source of frustration for politicians and investors. The radical solution is to radically dismantle the system, from the number one EPRDF to the number two EPRDF / prosperity to the public. It determines the minimum wage based on research without compromising inflation. It increases wages for government employees. Special increases and benefits will be provided to the Armed Forces, federal and state security forces, teachers and health professionals. We will look into the taxation system and seek to lower the 15% VAT on food and related products.
Hibir health policy is based on prevention. Prevention begins with a healthy diet. This requires lowering the cost of living. It will be expanded from the health center to the hospital. They will be governed by the best leadership and order, and all citizens will be treated free of charge in public health facilities. We will build this in order to realize a better tomorrow.

Capital: How will Hibir Ethiopia Democratic Party tackle the foreign currency crunch that has proven to be a challenge for the country?
Getye Terfe: It will work to increase the export market, reduce the income market, and increase the foreign exchange earning agricultural products, hides and skins, and other gold products.

Capital: What is the general economic policy of Hibir Ethiopia Democratic Party?
Getye Terfe: Our sustainable economic policy is industry-driven and intertwined with agriculture. In the next 10 years, the demand for Ethiopian industry will increase from 80-85, and after 10 years, foreign and domestic investors will be able to build and manufacture aircraft, military jets, helicopters, modern weapons and radar industries with special leadership. It is especially suitable for foreign markets. After 15 years, Ethiopia will stop begging and begging, we will not give up, we will not give up.

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