Saturday, April 13, 2024

Feven and Rahwa G/meskel


Name: Feven and Rahwa G/meskel

Education: Masters in Marketing Management – both

Company name: WAWI and UNBOX

Title: Co-founders

Founded in: WAWI – 2018.UNBOX – 2020

What it does: WAWI – fashion products, UNBOX helps brands to grow

HQ: Marteresa Building, around Meskel Flower hotel

Number of employees: 8 permanent

Startup Capital: 100,000 birr

Current capital: Growing

Reasons for starting the business: To fill the gap in the sector

Biggest perk of ownership: WAWI: The launch of our first fashion collection in 2018.

UNBOX: Signing up three of our biggest clients

Biggest strength: Ability to consider and balance strategic issues

Biggest challenging: Design and creative work tends to be undervalued in Ethiopia

First career: Rahwa – Brand Manager at Heineken Ethiopia.
Feven – Deputy General Manager at Edra Printing Technology.

Most interested in meeting: The Obamas

Most admired person: Rahwa: Patrick Bet-David

Feven: Vusi Thebekwayo

Stress reducer: Nature. Sometimes, a cold white wine helps too

Favorite book: Rahwa: Blue Ocean strategy
Feven: Outliers

Favorite destination: Rahwa: Amsterdam
Feven: Johannesburg

Favorite automobile: Land Rover Defender

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