Henock Tadele


Name: Henock Tadele

Education: Degree in accounting

Company name: Yalem electronics

Title: Owner

Founded in: 2019


What it does: Sell different kinds of electronics

HQ: Ababa, around Cherkos

Number of employees: 2

Startup Capital: 100,000 birr

Current capital: 500,000 birr

Reasons for starting the business: To be self employed

Biggest perk of ownership: Having my own source of income

Biggest strength: Can easily communicate with peoples

Biggest challenging: Shortage of material and working place

Plan: To start import and export business

First career: Broker

Most interested in meeting: Cristiano Ronaldo

Most admired person: my family

Stress reducer: Praying

Favorite past time: Chilling with friends

Favorite book: None

Favorite destination: China

Favorite automobile: Ford