Thursday, June 13, 2024

OFAG spots irregularities in administering public resources


The Office of the Federal Auditor General (OFAG) has come up with another finding on mismanagement of public resources at public offices.
The finding on the 2019/20 budget year that OFAG presented in parliament early this week shows that there are several irregularities related with administering public resources.
Accrued tax and duty that supposed to be collected by branch offices of Ministry of Revenue and Customs Commission has found on the audit investigation. It stated that the amount that is not connected is over 7.7 billion birr.
It added that 390 million birr revenue from different tax sources is not amassed as per the requirement given by law for the tax collection authority.
OFAG also identified that there are areas that Customs Commission to improve on contraband administration and establishment of well organized information data base on the operation to control the illegal business.
In related with the law enforcement measure on contrabandists there is also gaps that should be correct.
According to the audit finding, 7.5 billion birr is not accounted for from 90 public offices and 11 branches in the stated budget year. National Disaster Risk Management Commission, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Innovation and Technology stood at the top this gap.
On its finding OFAG underlined that 60 public offices and nine branches have conducted procurement worth 1.2 billion birr that is against the procedure stated on the procurement proclamation. Of the stated amount over 753 million birr is aligned with Ministry of Technology and Innovation, and the 254.8 million birr is connected with Public Procurement Property Disposal Service.
62 offices and 11 branches have settled close to 97 million birr payments against regulation and directives. It has also shown that about 29 million birr has been paid without evidence.
On its 61 page report OFAG has mentioned several audit gaps including those related with performance audit.
Meseret Damtew, Deputy Auditor General of OFAG, said that there is a tendency of some public offices and enterprises resisting to be audited thus parliament should correct it.
At the session members of parliament expressed their anger on the gaps that are seen at public offices for several years. One of the representative said that relevant government officials should appear and provide explanation for the gaps that are identified on the audit.
The Deputy Auditor insists correction measures must be taken on responsible bodies who are involved on the irregularities.

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