The shift to digital scale

(Photo: Anteneh Aklilu)

Aimed to decrease frauds and malfunctions in the market Addis Ababa Trade Bureau orders traders to change their weighing scale to digital from the mechanical or analog one.
“Based on the standard, the Bureau has stated that shops should start to change their scale to the digital one,” said official from the trade bureau, adding that, “Beside the price-hike, frauds and malfunctions in the market is stressing the consumer. Thus, the trade bureau has been working to change the scaling system in the market to protect the consumer. Moreover, the system can minimize frauds and underweight selling in the market.”
As stated by the bureau this task mainly focuses on six main sectors in the market, including Butchers, supermarkets and vegetable and fruit shops, consumer unions and other grocery items.
As the bureau explained, with in the last few months more than 4500 shops have changed their analog scale to digital, and the bureau will continue working to change scales all over the city.
Digital scale is the most accurate and precise instrument that uses force sensor to measure the load of and object which is an important part of many processing facilities because it performs the much needed quality control. Digital scales works with the use of a strain gauge load cell whereas analog scale uses spring to indicate the weight of an object digital scales convert the force of a weight to an electric signal.Thus, mechanical scales are much more prone to user error. It is often difficult to read the weight from a sliding arm and thus it is easy to make a mistake when viewing a dial scale. Mechanical platform scales have no onboard intelligence and have relatively crude load measurement schemes.
Digital weighing machine is highly reliable, and it will not give inaccurate reading. It is automatically calibrated every time when you turn on.
In addition it is easy to use with automatic turn on option, and it will turn off automatically after the use.
The major advantage of the digital scale is that it provides high accuracy and has a good durability. Failure is not a common feature and it’s often accompanied by a warranty from the company.