Awash nets billions in profit


Awash Bank reported an Annual Gross Profit of Birr 5.58 billion, in the 2020/21 fiscal year.
The bank has also collected over 107 billion birr billion in deposits. The number has showed 33.8 billion birr or 46 percent increasing in the fiscal year. In the reporting year, the bank has opened new 100 branches across the country.
Furthermore, the bank has registered more than 100 billion birr in deposits in the last fiscal year. In 2020/21, the bank has generated over two million new deposits and has reached a total of more than 5 million customers.
Awash bank’s lending to various sectors of the economy has also grown by birr 30 billion (53 percent) by the end of the fiscal year 2020/21 to birr 87.1 billion.
In terms of generating foreign currency, the bank has generated 906 million dollar, which is an increase of 37 million dollars.
The bank has stated that the total income of the bank has increased to 13.7 billion birr in the current fiscal year from 10.2 billion birr of last year.
The bank has now reached a paid up capital of 8.2 billion birr, with 566 branches across the country.