Precise Consult publishes various studies on agriculture, health and financial sector in Ethiopia


Precise Consult, an Ethiopian management consulting firm is announced that it has completed and published various studies on Ethiopian Agriculture, Health and Finance sectors. The studies have covered key policy and regulatory barriers impeding sectoral transformations and private sector participation, lessons from other countries, and policy or regulatory recommendations.
The specific study areas are Agricultural Financing, Quality Control Systems and Regulatory Gaps in Ethiopian Agricultural Export Commodities, Access to Credit for MSEs and Credit Information System, Digitization of Government to People and People to Government Payment System & Interoperability, Medical Office Practices, as well as Digital Health.
For busy readers, policy briefs are extracted from the studies succinctly summarizing the key findings and policy recommendations primarily targeting policy makers at government, andadvocators in business associations and other civic societies. Position papers are also prepared defending our position in the study areas.